Chicago Tool Werks

Chicago Tool Werks is an IBEW Union shop owned and operated by 3rd and 4th generation Union members. Their families have had Union trade membership with Electricians, Ironworkers, Carpenters, and Coal Miners. Their mission is to provide quality tools from American manufacturers that stand by the belief that the Union workforce deserves the best tools to perform their craft. Channellock is Union made in America and is family owned and operated for five generations. Manufacturing tools unsurpassed in the industry. Wright Tool Company has been crafting American made tools in Ohio since 1927 and have an excellent reputation for providing the craftsmanship that is expected of an American made tool. These are just some of the quality manufacturers that Chicago Tool Werks has developed partnerships with and they’re working to bring more manufacturers to their table.

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Rest in Peace Brother Liska

IBEW Local 117 regrets to inform you of the passing of Brother John Liska.  He was born May 3, 1947, and passed away September 1, 2023.  Brother Liska was initiated into Local 117 in April of 1969. He retired in June 2009. Rest in Peace Brother. John Liska Obituary.

Rest in Peace Brother Thompson

IBEW Local 117 regrets to inform you of the passing of Brother Christopher Thompson.  He was born June 20th, 1971, and passed away August 20th, 2023.  Brother Thompson was initiated into Local 117 in November of 1999. Rest in Peace Brother. Christopher Thompson Obituary

Local 117 Oktoberfest 2023

Sign Up for the 2023 IBEW Local 117 Octoberfest Celebration! 2:00 PM Saturday, September 16, 2023. Complete the form below to RSVP. Name(Required) First Last Additional Attendees (family members, etc.)Please list one attendee per lineComments Δ

Rest in Peace Brother Spencer

IBEW Local 117 regrets to inform you of the passing of Brother Leonard Spencer.  He was born August 21st, 1941, and passed away July 4th, 2023.  Brother Spencer was initiated into Local 117 in March of 1968.  He retired March 30th of 2001.  Rest in Peace Brother.

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