Big day at the polls!

Many labor friendly candidates enjoyed support at the polls today. A big thanks to all that came out and supported our interests at the election polling places. The counties of Local 117 showed working people are here and have a voice. The Workers Rights Amendment also enjoyed support as people become more aware of the benefits of unions. The path to changing the Illinois Constitution is more complicated and it may be several weeks before we know the final outcome. The amendment requires 60% of votes cast for the amendment OR 50% of all ballots cast. In terms of support of those voting on the amendment it easily won a majority (58% of the votes cast on the amendment were in favor of it). When all of the votes are counted if the 60% mark is not reached then the next determining factor will be whether the number of votes in favor of the amendment is a simple majority of the total number of ballots cast. Simply put if someone chose to avoid voting on the amendment their vote acts as a “No”. As things stand it looks promising for Workers Rights, but the victory party is on hold. Again a big thank you goes out to all of those participating in the democratic process. As always we’ll encourage you to vote for your paycheck.

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Rest in Peace Brother Liska

IBEW Local 117 regrets to inform you of the passing of Brother John Liska.  He was born May 3, 1947, and passed away September 1, 2023.  Brother Liska was initiated into Local 117 in April of 1969. He retired in June 2009. Rest in Peace Brother. John Liska Obituary.

Rest in Peace Brother Thompson

IBEW Local 117 regrets to inform you of the passing of Brother Christopher Thompson.  He was born June 20th, 1971, and passed away August 20th, 2023.  Brother Thompson was initiated into Local 117 in November of 1999. Rest in Peace Brother. Christopher Thompson Obituary

Local 117 Oktoberfest 2023

Sign Up for the 2023 IBEW Local 117 Octoberfest Celebration! 2:00 PM Saturday, September 16, 2023. Complete the form below to RSVP. Name(Required) First Last Additional Attendees (family members, etc.)Please list one attendee per lineComments Δ

Rest in Peace Brother Spencer

IBEW Local 117 regrets to inform you of the passing of Brother Leonard Spencer.  He was born August 21st, 1941, and passed away July 4th, 2023.  Brother Spencer was initiated into Local 117 in March of 1968.  He retired March 30th of 2001.  Rest in Peace Brother.

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