International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - Local 117


Member Services:

Journeyman Electrician Tool List:

  2 pr. channel lock pliers Keyhole saw handle
  Long nose pliers Adj. wrench 10"
  Side cutting pliers Assort. of twist drills to 1/2"
  6' folding rule or tape Allen wrenches to 1/2"
  Knife Plumb Bob
  Cold chisel 12" length Torpedo level
  Wood chisel Tap wrenches & tapes to 1/4"-20
  8" diagonal cutter Voltage tester (Wiggy)
  Wire stripers Combination square
  Claw hammer Pencil
  Scratch Awl Head for Bensomatic torch
  Center punch Hacksaw frame
  Continuity flashlight Set of nut drivers 3/16"-1/2"
  Screwdrivers-straight Nut size hollow stem
  Blade, Philip head, stubby Fuse puller
  Chalk line K.O. punches 1/2" - 1 1/4"
  Chain wrench Current NEC code books
  Tin snips  
Starting Apprentice Tool List:
  Klein #D502-10 Channelock (2)
  Klein #702 Compass Saw
  Klein #600-6 6" Screw Driver (Sq.)
  Klein #600-4 4" Screw Driver (Sq.)
  Klein #601-6 6" Screw Driver (Rd.)
  Klein #603-4 No. 2 Phillips Screwdriver
  Klein #1550-2 Electrician Knife
  Klein #930-9 Torpedo Level
  Klein #11045 Stripper
  Klein #709 Compass Saw Blade
  Klein #922-25 25' Tape Measure
  Klein #D506-10 10" Adj. Wrench
  Klein #D213-9NE-CR 9" Side Cutter
  Klein #701-S Hacksaw/Blade
  Klein #D228-8 8" Diagonal Cutter
  Klein #680 Scratch Awl
  Klein #808-20 20 oz. Hammer
  Klein #5166 Tool Pouch


Change of Address form:
   Click here to print form.  Please complete form and fax it to 847.854.7266.

Drug Testing Reciprocity Notice:
IBEW Locals 117, 134, 150, 176, 461 and 701 have entered into a Reciprocal Drug Test Program.  If you have any questions regarding drug testing, please contact Screensafe at 815.744.4108.

Click here for a list of ScreenSafe Test Facilities for IBEW Local 117 and click on "Find a Test Location"






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IBEW Local 117

  • IBEW Local #117 is located at 765 Munshaw Lane in Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014. Our phone number is 847-854-7200 and our fax number is 847-854-7266
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