The Best in the Electrical Industry

When you choose contractors represented by NECA and IBEW electricians for your next electrical construction project, you can be sure that you’re getting a professional team of experts. That’s because NECA and IBEW have made a mutual commitment to quality and safety through excellence in training. NECA and IBEW jointly fund and operate an apprenticeship training program which provides experienced, skilled, certified electricians for the electrical construction industry.

Our union electricians are the best trained in the industry, completing 8,000 hours of training in the classroom and on the job. Our journeymen electricians continually update their knowledge with ongoing education to stay at the forefront of the latest technology, code changes, and safety procedures.

All of our instructors have extensive knowledge and experience in the electrical construction industry. This level of quality instruction means that IBEW journeymen remain up-to-date in new and changing technology and provide quality, state-of-the-art work to meet our customers’ expanding needs. The Training Center is also on the forefront of emerging technologies. It was the first in the country to train journeymen using the wiring standards established in the Lucent Technologies Course, a telecommunications program offered by the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC).

The IBEW Local 117 Training Program provides training in the following areas:

  • Residential Electrical Training – This program covers the installation of electrical systems within residential units, including power, lighting, television, telephone and data.
  • Inside Electrical Training – This specialty program teaches the distribution and installation of electrical power for lighting, heat and motor control. Apprentices also master the areas of industrial/commercial lighting, transformers, instrumentation, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), process control, and building automation.
  • Telecommunications Training – Technician/Installers learn to install closed-circuit television, security systems, satellite, internal/external fiber optic cable and Category 6 cable installation. Testing, certifying and troubleshooting both Local and Wide Area Networks and networking and integrating telecommunications systems are essential components of our Telecommunications Training Program. Our apprentices also train to install both wire and fiber optic voice and data transmission systems.
  Representing Management: Representing Labor:
  Tom Bernardoni, Chairman Tom McTavish, Secretary
  William Lauderdale, Treasurer James Gould
  Michael Scheffler Ray Pieroni
  Josh Sajtar Jon Nelson
  Lee Olson Kyle Horn
  Jesse Lenart Cory Bauer 
  Craig Trongeau  
Please be advised that the following Journeyman Wireman classes will be offered.

**Please provide/confirm your email address when you sign-up for a class; notification of class start date will be sent via email.  Most initial class start dates are announced at the montly Union Meeting.

 2017 NEC Code Update:  Waiting list for a 3 night session class from 5-9 pm.   A $50 "Show-up Check Bond" will be required to confirm/register and returned if you complete the class. Sessions completed in 2/17 and 7/17. (12 CEU credits toward WI JW and Master License approved).


Building Information Modeling (BIM):  1 night introduction to BIM class.  A $50 "Show-up Check Bond" will be required to confirm/register on the list, and returned if you complete.  Call the office to get your name on the list for future sessions. Last session completed in May.

   FOA (Fiber Optic Association) - CFOT (Certified Fiber Optic Technician): 6 week class.  A certification test will be given at the end of this study with homework and "hands-on" class.  To be fully registered for this class, a $75 non-refundable check must be sent in once a session is scheduled.  There is a 10 member max. class size.  Call the office if interested.  Last session completed in July.

NFPA 70E - 2018 Edition:  3 week class. Waiting list for next session.  A $50 "Show-up Check Bond" is required before class and will be returned if you complete the class.  This class will NOT count towards any WI License CEUs .  Please call the office if you have any questions.  Last session completed in September.


1st Aid/CPR/AED Training:  Call to get your name on the list for upcoming an session. A $50 "Show-up Check Bond" is required for JWs.


Code of Excellence Training:     Participants will receive an IBEW Code of Excellence card from the International office.  9 sessions completed to date. Waiting list for next session. A valid dues receipt is required to sit for the class.

OSHA 30 Hr. Construction:  Latest class completed in May, 2018.  Call the office to get your name on the list for upcoming class. 


PV Training:  There is an additional on-line and “hands-on” opportunity for training classes through the IBEW Local 134  Technical Institute in Alsip for Solar Business and Technical Sales. The weblink  has a video which showcases their installation and for class registrations.    Hands-on classes are only available to IBEW members.  There is a substantial fee for all classes.  Contact the office for additional information if interested.



 ON-LINE JOURNEYMAN COURSES:  New to the NJATC (CET) Continuing Electrical Training is available to journeyman wireman members as an on-line self study course with coordinated scheduled "hands on" labs for available courses.  Building Automation is currently in session.  The course reference textbook and on-line access session costs would be paid for by the member.  If this interests you, please contact the office for further details.



If you are interested in signing up for any journeyman training classes or if you have any suggestions for other classes, please contact the office at 847.854.7200. 


  Please check the website daily for any scheduling changes/updates.  We will also make every effort to contact you by email or telephone when there is a scheduling change for a class that you are already registered for.